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The work of SUAREZL by Edwin Suarez offers a very unique interpretation of the contemporary world. To push the limits of one's imagination, Edwin Suarez uses vibrant colours, unique geometric patterns and texts to form "cultural artifacts" that create a lasting impression on viewers.

His pieces and compositions over landscapes, and his ability to use geometric images to fully correlate with the human body is a skill that not many possess. The many realities that are visible in his work invites one on a visual journey like no other - a journey that is continuously growing and expanding to new sentiments.

Nude artwork shows the paradoxical intention of the eroticized modest of desire and female power in access to pleasure. A failed attempt to find the right lens to understand the enigma of the feminine figure.

Thank you for supporting Edwin on his artistic journey, and for allowing him to do what he loves most - deliver creativity, colour and vibrancy to art lovers everywhere.


  • Camelback Gallery’s Artist Choice VI Visual Arts Competition, 2021, BRONZE AWARD for “Two Moons” Medium: Digital Painting. 
  • Art Show International’s FIGURATIVE competition, 2021 , FINALIST AWARD. For “Golden sunrise” Medium: Oil on Canvas